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Puts me to sleep! (That’s a good thing!)

Essential Calm
Anne Hughes
Love this stuff!

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I first read about it, but boy was I convinced once I used it. I use it after I play my musical instrument, after PT, before bed, and any other time I need it. It really makes a difference by lowering or eliminating my aches and pains. I can see this will be a long term relationship!

Essential Calm
Diane Castillo

It seems to be helping across my shoulders , only need to use it when I go to bed and during the night, did use it for my back one time and that really did help! Also love that it’s scent free

Deep Therapy

This product really does bring my aching joints relief!!

Deep Therapy
Nancy Worgess
Love this product!

It really works to take the edge off my hip/knee pain.

Deep Therapy
Meredith Fultz
LOVE this product

This stuff is great!! I use it several days a week after doing a cardio or leg day workout where my legs are sore and tired. This stuff works almost instantly and I am so happy I tried it. Can not recommend this stuff enough!!

Candle smells AMAZING!

And the roll on is terrific!

Deep Therapy
Lucilla Hepworth
First time user

Great product. Works well on the arthritis in my hands and shoulders. Bonus isit smells nice. Not that sports rub menthol that burns the eyes.

Deep Therapy
Joanne Kirchner
Deep therapy

It’s so easy to use and it works every time for aches.

Deep Therapy
Patsy A Ball
Deep Therapy

Relief within minutes of rolling Deep Therapy on. My feet love it.

Love this company and its products!! Really works!!

Deep Therapy
Lois Philbrick

How much magnesium is to much

Such an amazing product

I am thrilled there is finally a three pack for the Deep Therapy, and bonus a fresh smelling candle! I have Multiple Sclerosis and this product helps me with aches, spasticity and general pain when I over do it. I could not function without it.

Deep Therapy
Leslie Durst

Excellent product. Relief for both arthritis and neuropathy. The roll-on dispenser makes it ideal for bedside as you do not have to wash after applying in bed.

Absolutely helped with TMJ pain.

Deep Therapy
Kristi Debruijn

I absolutely love this stuff! I recently had the flu and used this on my head to see if it would work on my headache. Literally within minutes the pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it. I’m sold that was the best relief ever! Thank you

This is the best magnesium product I've found. It works fast and there is no scent.

My husband has used the ointment a few times and he says that it helps his hands.

I really like this product. Easy to roll on, pleasant scent, soothing effect. Used primarily post-exercise or use of foam roller to soothe tight, troubled areas like outer thigh/IT band.

Love this stuff. I believe it helps heal what ever you have hueting

Essential Calm
Peggy Kellner
Seems to helping my stiff neck muses.

It appears to working on my stiff neck, I have always carried my tension in my neck.
This helps quite a bit and I love that it has no odor, the one I had been using made me smell like a "hippie" according to my daughter.😆 I did tell her I am an old Hippie.

Love this product. It works!

Love this comfy shirt!❤️

Thank you for this lovely sweatshirt! So soft and comfy and cozy.. It fits true to size and made very well..I am very happy with this purchase..

Deep Therapy
Caroline Hunter
Very nice!

Very nice! Love the roll on delivery. Seemed to help aches in my elbow.

Deep Therapy
Retired OT
Great product

Very easy way to apply magnesium!